Hello There!

Hi! My name is Katie 🙂 You may have read a bit about me in the about section, but since I’ve been absent over the past month or so with little explanation I wanted to take a minute to catch you up. This summer I graduated from the San Antonio College Nursing School with my associates in nursing. I loved school so much, but it was super stressful and I am glad to be on the other side, for a little bit, I would like to go back and get my bachelor’s degree. The Lord was gracious to provide a job as a nurse, and that has been what has kept me busy over the last month, busy, but also strangely quiet. God has allowed a lot of quiet time for me to think through what direction I want to go with my free time, and writing is one of those things He has laid on my heart to continue.

I’ll get back to my series of followers of Jesus that inspired me to want to follow Him, but I’ll sprinkle in some of the devotionals I have been working on as well and hopefully that combination will be a blessing to you.

Published by Katie Elise Pradia

Hi! I am a nursing school graduate and an aspiring pediatric nurse. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and sharing him with others.

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