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Sin is Sneaky

Sometimes you think you are getting something really awesome, but it turns out it isn’t as awesome as you thought it would be. That feeling is horrible isn’t it! The Bible tells us disobeying God is always like that. God is good and what He gives us is good. When we let sin convince usContinue reading “Sin is Sneaky”

Hello There!

Hi! My name is Katie 🙂 You may have read a bit about me in the about section, but since I’ve been absent over the past month or so with little explanation I wanted to take a minute to catch you up. This summer I graduated from the San Antonio College Nursing School with myContinue reading “Hello There!”


Sometimes it can feel like your whole life is filled with waiting. Waiting for school to be done, waiting to find out what life will be like when you are older, even waiting for it to be time for lunch. God says it is good to wait on Him, that He is good to peopleContinue reading “Waiting…”

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