Fun fact: The original name for this project was “Peeps” because it was designed to be a quick look at things God has done and is still doing in folks. The tagline “A peep at the awesomeness of life with Jesus” is a nod to that beginning.

Fun fact 2.0: I am an aspiring pediatric nurse, I love crafting and learning new things 🙂

Hi! I’m Katie! I am excited about encouraging kids to be followers of Jesus.

For a couple of years I have been working on a writing project that I call “Followers” to tell stories about Christians that inspired me to want to give my whole life to God for kids that I know. This project is an attempt at a colorful, fun introduction to followers of Jesus as real people, who were not perfect, but walked with God and the truths about God, and life, that drove them and what they did. My hope is that these stories would encourage kids to believe that God can do something great with their lives and give them some idea of how following God with their whole hearts might look right now as children. Each project includes a story about a Christian who inspired me. It will also include a Bible verse related to their life and a challenge related to their life. There is a section that is an invitation to be a part of what happened in the story, either through a  ministry activity related to the story or something that fleshes out how the story relates to the lives of the readers. My hope is that this will be a tool for parents and kids to have conversations about following Jesus and an inspiration to kids to want to know Him. My goal will be to update this blog during the last week of each month in 2021.

Please use these resources freely without charge in all places where kids are being encouraged to know, follow, and love Jesus. You can contact me if you would like to use any of the resources without the watermark.

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