• Sin is Sneaky
    Sometimes you think you are getting something really awesome, but it turns out it isn’t as awesome as you thought it would be. That feeling is horrible isn’t it! The Bible tells us disobeying God is always like that. God is good and what He gives us is good. When we let sin convince usContinue reading “Sin is Sneaky”
  • Hello There!
    Hi! My name is Katie 🙂 You may have read a bit about me in the about section, but since I’ve been absent over the past month or so with little explanation I wanted to take a minute to catch you up. This summer I graduated from the San Antonio College Nursing School with myContinue reading “Hello There!”
  • Waiting…
    Sometimes it can feel like your whole life is filled with waiting. Waiting for school to be done, waiting to find out what life will be like when you are older, even waiting for it to be time for lunch. God says it is good to wait on Him, that He is good to peopleContinue reading “Waiting…”
  • Jesus is the Treasure
    This verse makes me feel excited, imagining what treasure is so great that it is worth losing everything for! Think of your favorite thing to do or game to play. What would it take for you to be willing to never have that opportunity again? Just think how awesome something would have to be toContinue reading “Jesus is the Treasure”
  • So Many!
    Have you ever been outside on a very dark night and looked up at the stars? There are so many!!! God says that He is the one who put all of them up there. Then He goes on to say that, knowing that about Him, his people shouldn’t think He has forgotten them. God isContinue reading “So Many!”
  • Come and Talk with Me
    It is amazing that God loves us so much that He invites us to have a relationship with Him! How can you be apart of a relationship with God? That is the most important question you can think about. God has answered that question by inviting people to talk to Him. Jesus Christ removed allContinue reading “Come and Talk with Me”
  • Be Kind!
    This was hard for me to believe at first. Sometimes it can feel like it is easier or even more fun to be mean, but God says it is better to be kind. In being mean you hurt yourself as well as other people. Discussion Questions Who is it hard for you to be kindContinue reading “Be Kind!”
  • If you need wisdom…
    Have you ever asked someone for help and they were too busy to help you? God is not like that. This verse says He is generous. He gives out His wisdom –being able to know what to do– willingly and freely to those who ask Him. He does not get angry at us or makeContinue reading “If you need wisdom…”
  • Billy Marshall’s Salvation
    This month has been crazy so far, starting back at the end of April, as I worked on finishing up nursing school, but God has been very kind, providing extra jobs for me to work to finish paying off school tuition, helping me figure out what to eat week to week as I haven’t hadContinue reading “Billy Marshall’s Salvation”
  • Into the Jungle
    I read the story of Mary Slessor when I was a kid because an older girl I respected told me that she was one of her favorite missionaries. That book is also connected with one of my most embarrassing childhood stories. I had heard that the speaker at a conference we were at gave kidsContinue reading “Into the Jungle”
  • What is God Doing?
    This story is awesome because it’s a story about an ordinary guy, who already had a cool job, being willing to set that aside or put it on the back burner and do something new that God called him to. This story was encouraging to me because it affirmed for me that God can useContinue reading “What is God Doing?”
  • Reflection and Prayer
    This story is the first one I designed. It is about John Hyde also called “Praying Hyde” I am attaching my original trifold design alongside the one I updated right before 2020 ended. I am grateful for a year to remember what God has taught me and of writing and designing stories to inspire others.Continue reading “Reflection and Prayer”
  • Letters Start a Fire
    I remember going to two different Baptist churches around Christmastime a couple of years ago and noticing that they were both taking a “Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.” I wondered why it was called that. I read about her in the book “Ambassadors for Christ” that my sister gave me for Christmas one year and thenContinue reading “Letters Start a Fire”
  • Jesus is a Treasure
    This one took me forever to write, for several reasons. This season has been pretty crazy with school, some personal health issues, and major life changes including a new job and a move. But this story mostly took a long time to write because it is so close to my heart. I remembered reading the book EvidenceContinue reading “Jesus is a Treasure”
  • Boldness
    I am so excited to have finished writing and designing this story!  I love stories of how God works even in less than ideal circumstances to bring people to Himself and use them for His glory. It is neat how God used a soldier who didn’t even know Jesus to get Billy to a Christian school. And even thoughContinue reading “Boldness”
  • Weirdness, Prayer, and Hard Work
    It’s Tuesday! The day of the week I normally publish, but a couple of weeks later than I had hoped it would be. You may have wondered if this was coming at all…I did too. This semester has been brutal, but God has also given me the grace to intentionally set aside time for thingsContinue reading “Weirdness, Prayer, and Hard Work”
  • Seeking the Lord
    I realize this is several days after my goal of last Tuesday of each month. Thank you for hanging in there with me on this tough and awesome journey. Deadlines and consistency have never been my favorite things, but God has used this writing and designing to remind me of His faithfulness and kindness for theContinue reading “Seeking the Lord”
  • Peanuts!
    George Washington Carver fits the profile of people I wanted to write about, people who did great actions based on a deep relationship with God. His story, as a former slave, seemed like a good one for this month in celebration of Juneteenth, the day that slaves were set free. This is one that GodContinue reading “Peanuts!”
  • Fun Stories
    As I read biographies and listen to Christians share their stories I come across some parts that are kind of goofy and just too much fun to keep to myself. That is what this issue is about. One of the things that I think it is very important to remember as I draw inspiration from theContinue reading “Fun Stories”
  • Let’s Talk About Jesus
    This story is one God used at a difficult time in my life when my family didn’t have a church home. I was inspired by this man’s example of prayerfully caring for others by sharing the gospel with them. He demonstrates attentiveness to their needs and understanding of who God is and focused on theContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Jesus”
  • Encouraging for Almost 200 Years
    I’m really excited about this month’s story. Isabella Alden was a pastor’s wife and prolific writer in the 19th century. When I was about 13, one of her books inspired my older sister to help me learn to believe that I could stand before God with peace depending on what Jesus did for me insteadContinue reading “Encouraging for Almost 200 Years”
  • God Can Do Anything!!!
    I found the story of David Wilkinson when I was a teenager reading a missionary biography about a couple who ended up working with street kids in Brazil. The husband had been awkwardly given the book “The Cross and the Switchblade” by a friend when he was in college and after reading it he decidedContinue reading “God Can Do Anything!!!”
  • From Serving Self to Serving Jesus
    This is simple story about the gospel changing one young woman’s life and seemed like a great place to start. This story will zoom in on the gospel as what makes us right with God and transforms us.  Here are a few discussion questions about the story: How long ago did Lottie live? What didContinue reading “From Serving Self to Serving Jesus”

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