If you need wisdom…

Have you ever asked someone for help and they were too busy to help you? God is not like that. This verse says He is generous. He gives out His wisdom –being able to know what to do– willingly and freely to those who ask Him. He does not get angry at us or make us feel embarrassed when we ask for His wisdom. The Bible goes on to say that we should ask, trusting Him to give us wisdom not doubting that He will. Some of the most special times in my relationship with God recently have been when I have asked Him for Wisdom, and saw Him provide it!

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you need God’s wisdom for?
  • Why would you ask God for wisdom?
  • What does generous mean? Do you give generously?
  • Who can you help?

Think of one thing that you need wisdom for and ask God for it, trusting that He will give it to you.

Published by Katie Elise Pradia

Hi! I am a nursing school graduate and an aspiring pediatric nurse. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and sharing him with others.

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