Into the Jungle

I read the story of Mary Slessor when I was a kid because an older girl I respected told me that she was one of her favorite missionaries. That book is also connected with one of my most embarrassing childhood stories. I had heard that the speaker at a conference we were at gave kids money if they recited verses. I recited several verses and he said I had to come back the next day if I wanted to earn any more money. At the time I wasn’t socially aware enough to realize that was probably a clue to move on and find another way to earn money to buy the biography I had my eye on, but I came back the next day and was super excited to have enough to buy Mary Slessor’s biography. Her story shows a lot of courage, desiring to go serve the Lord in hard places. I am inspired by how she kept close to the Lord and was used by Him to rescue vulnerable people. Her story encouraged me that God could give me the bravery I needed to do what He called me to. Even though she was afraid of men, God used her to talk to chiefs and stop wars between rival tribes in Africa. I was also impressed by how God used her as a Mom to children that others would discard.

Discussion questions

  • Where is someone that you would like to travel?
  • What kind of people would you like to serve one day?
  • What are some things you are afraid of?
  • Who can you learn more about?
  • Who in your life have you learned both good and bad things from?
  • What is a skill you want to develop to help people?

A great activity for this story would be to make a prayer jar with a mason jar and popsicle sticks with prayer requests written on them. You can put in the jar things you want to do but are scared of and ask God for courage and also people you want to pray for.

This is a graphic that I designed for the verse to go with the story

Published by Katie Elise Pradia

Hi! I am a nursing school graduate and an aspiring pediatric nurse. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and sharing him with others.

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