Weirdness, Prayer, and Hard Work

It’s Tuesday! The day of the week I normally publish, but a couple of weeks later than I had hoped it would be. You may have wondered if this was coming at all…I did too. This semester has been brutal, but God has also given me the grace to intentionally set aside time for things that matter. This is one of those things for me. As I write about the stories of people whose lives helped guide mine my heart is warmed toward the Lord and that means of grace is a priceless treasure to me. 

I was raised in a pretty sheltered Christian home. Mom used to say that her goal as a parent was to do as much as possible to help us give as much of our hearts to Jesus as possible, for her that included not exposing us to a lot of extra stuff that would fill up our heads and distract us, so a lot of pop culture goes completely over my head. Jonathan’s story about being mocked by his classmates but eventually earning their respect helped me to focus on what God is doing in me and in relationships with my classmates and not how weird people might think I am for asking them questions about their lives or mentioning Jesus at random times. His story helped me to see that God can use even my weirdness to point others to him.

The other part of this story that is really precious to me is how Jonathan and his wife met. That part of the story kept me in the word when I was younger because I wanted to use my Bible so much that a random person picking it up could tell I love Jesus. It is also encouraging to me now thinking about how Jonathan’s wife had the heart to find a man completely devoted to the Lord and God provided a husband like that for her in a totally unexpected way. 

Discussion Questions:

  • What is one thing that makes you unique?
  • Who is someone you can talk to about Jesus?
  • How can you minister to other people right now?
  • Is there anyone you need to ask for help to be able to do that?
  • Are there people in your life who make fun of you? Who can you talk to about that? Are the things they laugh at you for things you should change or things that are unique about you that God can use?
  • Are you usually a bold person or a fearful person?
  • What is something really hard that you are working on right now that you need to ask God to help you do?
  • Who is someone you can support with prayer right now?
  • What is the most interesting thing you read/heard from the Bible recently and why is it interesting to you?

A really neat activity for this story would be to create a prayer board for people who need prayer support with pictures and construction paper. Another option would be making self-portraits and talking about each person’s unique characteristics.

Published by Katie Elise Pradia

Hi! I am a nursing school graduate and an aspiring pediatric nurse. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and sharing him with others.

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