George Washington Carver fits the profile of people I wanted to write about, people who did great actions based on a deep relationship with God. His story, as a former slave, seemed like a good one for this month in celebration of Juneteenth, the day that slaves were set free. This is one that God used to help me as a kid to think about differences in skin color. His example encouraged me to respond as graciously as I can and focus on doing what God called me to do no matter what people think of it or of me. I love this story.

There are several things that I admire about him. When he didn’t have what he needed he looked for things people would normally discard and used them. I admire his determination and resilience. When people wouldn’t let him study at one school, he kept trying until he found somewhere he could learn.

I read a lot of stories when I was little about people who studied while working, his story included. These stories challenged me. Would I pursue learning so hard that even if the only time that I could read was while working I would prop up a book so while my hands were busy I could be learning? What things am I letting stop me from pursuing the goals that God has given me? I included the quote in the “Randomness” section because, as I think about working diligently, it is important to remember that work needs to be done while acknowledging God is almighty and we are not. We need rest and trust in God’s sovereignty. 

Discussion Questions:

  • Do you like school? Why or why not?
  • What do you like to study?
  • Which subjects are easiest or hardest for you to learn about?
  • What is your favorite thing to learn about? What makes it hard for you to learn?
  • How can you use your favorite school subjects to help others?
  • How can you pray about your work? What do you need to ask God to help you with?
  • Who can you help with your knowledge?
  • What things about you make you feel different than other people?
  • Are there things about you that people make fun of? What can you do when that happens?
  • What is something you have learned from someone who is different than you? (Age, skin color, interests)
  • How would you respond if you saw someone picking on someone else?
  • Have you ever grown a plant all by yourself? What kinds of plants would you be interested in growing? Why?
  • What is something that you know you should be doing that you can work harder at?

Activities to go along with this story include, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, going to Chick-fil-a (they use peanut oil to fry their chicken),  or planting or buying a plant to care for.  Another activity for this story would be to plant something, or draw a picture of a plant. Maybe you could research some of the plants that grow in your yard and figure out what they are.

I attached below another version of the verse graphic from the post and then the other verse I considered using which is one of my favorites. This is a link to the book that this issue is based on. I highly recommend it! It’s written at about 3-8th grade level. I remember reading another book about him as a child, but I do not remember it’s title 😦

This song about Christian martyrs is one of my favorites, it may not be suitable for younger kids, but it reminds me of the joy and unity that believers have in Christ. As a Christian, I have signed up to give even my life for Christ and that puts everything else in perspective. I love that this song isn’t a style of music that the people in the song, except for the last one, probably listened to but it is written by brothers in Christ pouring out their hearts to celebrate and mourn them. The line that I makes me think of George Washington Carver is “God gave him a vision/And he gon’ use that vision to help go rebuild the city” God gave George something to do to help people who had been disadvantaged rebuild and he did it, no matter what opposition he encountered because he was focused on God and what He was asking him to do.

Published by Katie Elise Pradia

Hi! I am a nursing school graduate and an aspiring pediatric nurse. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and sharing him with others.

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